Andrew Birk

b. Corvallis, Oregon, 1985
Lives and works in Mexico City

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Andrew Birk’s practice loops broadly from the traditional two-dimensional surface to writing, sound, fashion, photography, and digital media, and then back to painting. Often involving a sensory experience, Birk’s work articulates complex scenarios and stimuli through the course of vigorous research.

Birk’s work has been exhibited internationally, including solo and group exhibitions in Paris, Berlin, London, Brussels, New York, and widely in Mexico where he has lived since 2011. Exhibitions include, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Oaxaca, (Oaxaca City), Museo Universitario del Chopo (Mexico City), Yautepec (Mexico City), Lodos (Mexico City). Birk has worked internationally with Christopher Crescent, (Brussels), Galerie Torri (Paris), Johannes Vogt (New York) and Anonymous Gallery in New York. His work has been reviewed in magazines such as ArtReview, Artnews, Flash Art, Hyperalergic, I-D, and Huffington Post.

Strip down and breathe, LADRÓN, Mexico City (2017, Upcoming)
Callejero, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City Reset, AMOR, Mexico City (2016)
TRU AF, Johannes Vogt, New York City (2015)
Hawaiian shirt and destroyed jeans, Welcome Screen, London (2014)
3/4 Lifestyle, 150% Volume, curated by Dorothee Dupuis, Treize, Paris (2014)
More>Less, SaBuLee, Guatemala City (2013)
Shit talking, Bikini Wax, Mexico City (2013)
In Observance of Humanity Transcending Humanity in Observance of Humanity, Black and Yellow, Vancouver B.C. Mausoleum, Fi Projects, Mexico City (2012)
You are what you eat and all you eat is pussy, Preteen Gallery, Mexico City (2011)
In nite Dust, Paci c Studios, Brooklyn (2011)

Too absorbed by places we will see from our Bentleys, OFLUXO, Milan (2017)
rheo-GRANDE, Anonymous Gallery, Mexico City (2016)
35 Works on Papers, Beers, London (2016)
Rheo-, SVA, NYC (2016)
Aujourd’hui je dis oui, Aujourd’hui, Lisbon Greater Chinatown, 67, NYC (2016)
Timeshare, BHQFU, NYC (2016)
Gates of Steel Vol. 1, The Nursery, Oklahoma City (2016)
#BAE #AQN, Yautepec, Mexico City (2015)
S*W*I*M* (A day online irl), curated by Van Der Borght Bjornus (2015)
Im De Ruimte, Ghent The Negative Hand, Anonymous Gallery Mexico City (2015)
Primer Bienal Arte d’OXXO, 996, Guadalajara, Mexico DECLASSE, TBA, Bushwick,Brooklyn, New York (2015)
Episode 1: Desert Nursery, NG , Lima In ernos Arti ciales, Museo Universitario del Chopo, Mexico (2015)
PALOURDES CUITES, Christopher Crescent, Brussels (2015)
Free Things, STCFTHOTS, curated by Jack Fisher, Leeds Sunset Thumbprint, Papa John’s Project (online project, 2015)
Cowboys and Indians, 984 Tulum Art Center, Tulum (2014)
Bouvy & Kirkeby, Christopher Crescent, Brussels Basel Mukwonago, Bahamas Biennale, Mukwonago (2014)
WI SHA BOOGIE BOP, Anonymous Gallery, NYC EDENunlimited/tbc.tbc, Berlin, Germany (2014)
Le Showroom, Les Atelier des Arques, Les Arques, France (2014)
One Bite, OTHER Projects, Berlin (2014)
Fitzcarraldo, Yautepec, Mexico City (2014)
M A G M A C R O W D E D, Magma, Antwerp (2014)
Executive producer, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACO), curated by Oliver Marti?nez Kandt, Oaxaca, Mexico (2014)
Havisham, Sunday Project, Chicago (2014)
USBs, Lodos Contempora?neo, Mexico Doge, Curated by Rene Godinez Pozas, TOCA Galeria, Mexico (2014)
IS IT ART OR IS IT JUST, Curated by Romuald Demidenko , BWA Zelonia Go?ra , Zelonia Go?ra, Poland Homesickness, Curated by Bradford Kessler, Glasshouse, Brooklyn (2014)
SOULDRONE/SUPERDEMO, Et Al Projects, Brooklyn (2013)
SOULDRONE/SUPERDEMO,, Los Angeles (2013)
BECAUSE WE CAN, NO SPACE, Mexico City (2013)
IS IT ART OR IS IT JUST, Het Plafond & NEW: ART CENTER, Rotterdam (2013)
SWEAT BABY SWEAT, Curated by Adam Stamp, Gildar Gallery, Los Angeles (2013)
AIR SHOW, Butcher Gallery, Toronto (2013)
SALÓN ACME No.1, Salón Acme, Mexico City (2013)
SNAFU, OFG.XXX (formerly Oliver Francis Gallery), Dallas (2012)
GANG BANG, Box43 , Zurich (2012)