Curated by Eduarda Neves

9 June → 30 August 2017

Correspondences links a programme of nine exhibitions, presented in Portugal, Spain, Germany and Malta, to an International Colloquium [Unknown Recipient] held at Casa das Artes, Oporto. 

A letter excerpt included in Jacques Derrida’s La Carte Postale (1980) is taken as a reference for the Correspondences project. 

In this fragment, dated June 5 1977, Derrida says: “What I like most about postcards is that we do not know what is in front and what is back, here or there, near or far, Plato or Socrates, face or reverse. Nor what is more important - the image or the text or, within the text, the message, the caption or the address.” 
The postcard is taken as producer of subjectivity, process and life experience, itself an agencement of Correspondences, attempting not only to explore its linguistic, grammatical and rhetorical character, but also the use value it can acquire when integrated within a chain of possible situations. A metaphor for equality, with no face or reverse, here or there, image or text, the postcard exists in this traffic of sent, received, registered, circumvented, returned, stolen, lost, anonymous, confidential, inviolable correspondence. 

Correspondences also refers to connection, communication, relation, path, journey, route, complementariness, reciprocity. Multiple forms, multiple uses, setting ambivalences in motion, breaking with directions, departure and arrival, beginning and end, artwork and space, signified and signifier. 

Assuming that it becomes imperative to force language, to break it, to disfigure it, to force concepts to say something else, this project adopts the postcard as an open letter, with no secrets, no face or reverse, a figure operating in speech, in a movement against the origin, establishing the conditions of its impossibility.

(I) CAAA – Centro para os Assuntos da Arte e da Arquitectura | Guimarães; (II) Casa das Artes | Oporto; (III) Museu das Comunicações | Lisbon; (IV) Galeria NovaOgiva | Óbidos; (V) SALA X | Pontevedra; (VI) Museu de Faro | Faro; (VII) Galeria Escudeiros | Beja [2014-16]; and, within the scope of DGArtes - Portuguese Ministry of Culture internationalization of the arts funding > (VIII) Rosalux | Berlin [23.03 until 21.04.2017]; (IX) Malta Contemporary Art | La Valletta [23.06 until 30.07.2017].