Curated by Mark Mangion

7 August → 23 August 2009
Malta Contemporary Art, Marsa

Masquerade is drawn from Kit Williams’ seminal children’s book from the 70’s illustrating a strange hallucinatory treasure hunt full of complex codes; the hare being the central motif on every page.
In this new body of work, Douglas White continues his fascination with detritus, breathing new life into decaying materials. Over the course of a month the artist collected and transformed the decaying husks of cacti that cover the Mediterranean landscape.
His attraction to this material for its bone-like and figurative qualities resulted in a series of steel, thread and cactus sculptures. Through the process of hunting, collecting and reforming contrasted with a sharp architectural aesthetic of display, ideas of costume, fetish, prosthesis, emerge. The strange bodily connotations as well as totemic and ritual associations, reanimate these dead materials within a maze-like
and coded structure.

Douglas White was born in 1977 in Guildford. He read Fine Art at the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art (1997-2000) and graduated from an MA in Sculpture at Royal College of Art in 2005.
With his utilisation of found objects, White creates oddly beautiful objects from detritus as in the case of Icarus Palm 2006, or as poetic repositioning with his preserving of the imprint of a Tawny Owl colliding with an elderly couple's patio door in Owl 2007.
The presence of the artistic act in White's work is evident, with the resulting sculptures possessing a visceral beauty, at times shocking, and more often fascinating.
His planned solo show at Malta Contemporary Art will represent White's largest solo gallery installation. With plans to stay on the island [Malta] for a number of weeks, the installation will most likely consist of objects found and constructed locally.

Recent solo shows include Hartrot, Gabriel Rolt Gallery, Amsterdam, Black Palm, Galerie Nuke, Paris and Lilithat Paradise Row, London. Group exhibitions include Natural Wonders: New Art From London, Moscow, Cannibal Ferox, Paradise Row, London, New Contemporaries, UK and Transfiguration, Pearl Fisher, London. He was twice nominated for the Jerwood Sculpture and Drawing prizes.
(b.1977 Lives and works in London)