No Minimum Presence Required


24 November 2017 → 13 January 2018
Malta Contemporary Art, Valletta

The new Sustainable Development Goals (SGD) acknowledge the value of public space in creating sustainable cities. By looking at existing methodologies and considering additional indicators on accessibility, cities may find an effective path for meeting their goals.
Successful town planning incorporates public areas to provide critical space for residents to breath and maintain an active life.
(Source: The City Fix™, produced by World Resources Institute Ross Center)

Pantheism lingers in the spills and chunks of human leftovers as they form their own visceral landscape. Pulsating stains meander, crawling in a land of no men.
The images of the ghostly, shelled sceneries consist of man-made artifacts only – objects with gestural traces with a lifespan somewhere between ephemeral and beyond any registration of time.

We are thoroughly acquainted with these spaces, these corporate settings and tokens of urban planning, chopped and screwed out of context and locality, scattered like jack straw sticks. Even in their segregated state, their embedded codes are pleasantly familiar.

Remarkably, traces of human interactions intercept these vistas – cloth and clothing, lights left on. Elsewhere, lusciously draped disposable terry is stuck in the flaps of a seductively bulging pleather chair.

The ceiling-mounted centerpiece towers god-like above all, in gleaming info point- green, commanding to look up to it, wanting attention, promising guidance. The message it holds drags one in and promptly spills one out again. Its proclamation longs to dissolve into something bigger than itself – directional guidance needed yet rejected, wanted yet muted. Snap out of it, look for it elsewhere.

A signage system which is comprehensible for all users, forms the basis of efficient communication. Intuitively comprehensible signs assist citizens in their spatial orientation in complex buildings or areas such as airports, train stations or large office buildings.
(Source: A- Design Infosystems AG)

Depreciation is calculated using the straight-line method based on the estimated useful life, i.e. five years (hitherto ten years for office furniture and equipment and four to five years for office machines and hardware).
(Source: EUR-Lex Access to European Union law)

An array of office grays are gathered here, soothing shades of stony metal hues, a reception committee of cabinets, shelving units assembled. Show yourself in.

The group offers fair, performance-related and competitive remuneration, extensive fringe benefits, wide-ranging professional development opportunities and new promotion prospects in new, more flexible units, bonus systems.

Show yourself in. The vast land of corporate interior invites participation, a wish for access to be granted. The polished flooring reflects light on every surface. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Buttery yellow LED light guides one through rooms in all shades of muffled glory, upwards and upwards it leads. Promise awaits (the higher the floor the closer to god). Once there, up, one looks down on other businesses, built from reassuringly similar building material and color, reassuringly like-minded, poured over the horizon, dissolving in compounds.

An installation of drivers for non-recognized hardware will cause a blue screen when booting. A kernel memory dump will be generated as soon as a blue screen appears and unless otherwise specified saved as MEMORY.DMP

The seductively rich canvas’ succulent blue lures you in. Attitudes rather than objects, they hug the engraved enigmatic lines. Blue screens that whisper familiar confessions. Vulnerable thoughts confidently lit, their assertiveness provides shelter for kindred spirits, securely locking them in bolted acrylic.

The roadmap looks into a possible expansion of improvements to the current guidelines, including development of a model confidentiality agreement to support the sharing of confidential information under a range of EU-US regulatory cooperation projects.
(Source: European Commission press release database)

Eva Bühler
Melanie Bühler