Parallel Borders. Monuments & Shrines to Capitalism I


Curated by Mark Mangion

8 September → 30 September 2013

Monuments & Shrines to Capitalism is an artist-curatorial collaboration with 8 artists in 8 cities in Europe at the end of 2012. This cross-border project questions ideas of consumption and power, protest and awakening, pilgrimage and fracture, architecture, monument and shrine reflecting a decay in western culture propelled by an addiction to capitalism. Commencing in Athens, a journey to Reykjavik via stops in many of the most significant cultural, political, historical and financial cities of Europe was embarked upon marking a cacophonous and politically engaged fault line from South East to North West Europe.
Questioning capitalist monoliths, a series of fleeting projects were created engaging with public, private and virtual spaces. Working with deliberately low production values in various media, these public interventions sought contrasting interactions with various elements of these cities resulting in a temporal destabilization of an urban fabric and community.

Parallel Borders is a nomadic project for interdisciplinary research created as an artist / curatorial partnership between Mark Mangion and Malta Contemporary Art. A series of collaborations were initiated in 2012, generating a discourse with a diversity of artists and practitioners from other fields, invited to contribute to an explorative platform of site-specific fieldwork in various regions around the world, questioning ideas of cross-field dialogue through visual culture. A journey was embarked upon, creating a foundation for historical study and anthropological mapping, storytelling and geo-political cultural examination against a backdrop of a deflating capitalism, environmental instability, technological revolution and ideas and disputes of borders; physical, territorial, scientific, philosophical.

This network of collaborators are invited to collectively question and respond to specific geopolitical thematic trajectories culminating in a series of texts, films, events, photographs, sound works, drawings, collected and constructed objects, cyber spaces, performances, actions, workshops and gatherings, architectural and digital models and other. For each new project the selected collaborators re-examine the parameters, patterns and crossovers of their own individual field of research within a group dynamic and connected to place, time and culture. Questions of social and transcultural context are investigated through the collective effort and notions of community.